St - Charles Bowl

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Saturday, April 5th 2014 


1st shift: 2:00 pm

2nd Shift: 7:00 pm (Filled up) 

Cost:  120.00 per team

(no more than 3 men per team) 

Annual Business Challenge 


GAME ONE:  Leave a corner with first ball, get a strike for that frame

GAME TWO:  Bowl with 2 hands (between your legs)

GAME THREE:   Automatic strike on frames 3-6-9 

GAME FOUR:  Bowl with opposite hand - and 3-6-9 

Handicap will be based on 200 with a maximum of 60 for a woman and 40 for men (no minuses).  Bowlers with no average will get 160 for men and 140 for woman.

For more information please contact Jeremie @ 705-867-5798 or contact him via website.